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It is with pleasure that we welcome you to the International Tarot Foundation

We are a 'young' organization but are working conscientiously to continue to move forward in a positive direction.

Now that you have subscribed and joined us as a member, 


The Member's certificate can be found in the Member Domain/zone below.


Here is the Link to the Member Zone on the website, keep a copy of this link so that you can access the member pages as they are hidden.  .Member Zone


Here is the link to our Tarot Study Group


Tarot Readers Development and Study Group

If you have a Tarot related business, you will be listed on our website with a link so if you provide us as such to the email above we will organize this.


In addition you can link to your Business ( Tarot related) on a Saturday in our Tarot Readers Development and Study Group, please state your membership number when you post.

You will next receive an email with your membership number stated on it.



best wishes from

Lara, Attila & the Team at the International Tarot Foundation

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