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Gülçin Önel, continues her Goddess journey that began after a call many years ago, and reminds many women and men what she herself remembers inside. Her in situ Goddess seminars in Turkey are a first, and they aim to help participants remember the steps of the Goddess Cult within them, as they connect with the Ancient Knowledge that is there, in the depths of the earth. That is why she prefers to call her work a journey of remembrance instead of a discipline or teaching. In this respect, while she guides a spiritual journey of Goddesses in the lands of Anatolia, she goes deeper in her work with meditative initiations. Gülçin also works in the field of Archetypal Psychology and has a Psychology Master's, where she focused on Usage of Mythology in Therapies. She is the author of Lilith's Light-11 and her book is currently being translated into English. She continues to make her path cross with those who are ready to remember the Goddess within them, seeking for her without knowing what they are looking for, and who are ready to harmonize their steps with the Goddess.